Monday, May 29, 2023

A look at the 20 articles of impeachment against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton - KWTX

(AP) - A Republican-controlled Texas House committee filed 20 articles of impeachment against GOP Attorney General Ken Paxton, ranging from bribery to abuse of public trust, and a vote that could remove him from office is scheduled for Saturday.

The allegations include attempts to interfere in foreclosure lawsuits, improperly issuing legal opinions to benefit real estate developer Nate Paul, and firing, harassing and interfering with whistleblower staffers. Bribery charges stem from Paul allegedly employing a woman with whom Paxton had an affair in exchange for legal help and Paul allegedly paying for renovations to Paxton’s home. Other charges date back to Paxton’s pending 2015 felony securities fraud case, including lying to state investigators.

Paxton has said the charges are based on “hearsay and gossip, parroting long-disproven claims.”

Here’s look at the 20 articles of impeachment:


ARTICLE 1 - Protection of charitable organization

Paxton is accused of failing to act as a public protector of charitable organizations by directing his employees in the attorney general’s office to intervene in a lawsuit brought by the Roy F. & JoAnn Cole Mitte Foundation against entities controlled by Paul, harming the Austin charity in an effort to benefit Paul, a wealthy donor.

ARTICLE 2 - Abuse of the opinion process

Paxton is accused of misusing his official power to issue written legal opinions. He allegedly had employees prepare an opinion that...

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