Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Andrew Tate tweets on mental health from prison - "Depression wasn't real" - Sportskeeda

There has been a drastic turn in the case of notorious influencer Andrew Tate, who along with his brother Tristan has been in a Romanian prison since December last year. Tate, his brother Tristan, and two convicted associates have been arrested in Romania on charges of human trafficking and the establishment of a criminal organization.

According to Tate's lawyers, according to the latest court hearing, he will remain in jail until the end of April. This past week, attorneys representing the brothers told a court in Bucharest that the prosecution had provided no new evidence. They see this latest development as further evidence that the brothers are being set up due to their controversial views and notoriety on the internet

Andrew Tate - The Vendetta of the Judge & Judiciary

The preventive detention of Andrew Tate, Tristan Tate, Luana and Georgiana has been extended for a further 30 days.

If you thought the extensions are decided by several judges, you are wrong.

Let’s look at what happened. /1

However, Andrew Tate has shown remarkable fortitude in the face of 'The Matrix' and the alleged attempts of the people in power to muzzle him. The former kickboxing world champion is sure that his years of experience dealing with adversity in the ring will serve him well now.

While Tate was at the height of his fame outside of prison, he frequently claimed that depression is an illusion. His ability to adjust to life behind bars was recently detailed in a series of tweets. Tate...

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