Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Fact check: Trump repeats false claims during rally in Waco, Texas - KTVZ

By Tara Subramaniam and Daniel Dale, CNN

Former President and current presidential candidate Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail Saturday with a rally speech in Waco, Texas, that was littered with false claims — many of which he has made before.

Trump also delivered unsubstantiated attacks on the integrity of the criminal investigations into his conduct in various matters, including the Manhattan district attorney’s probe of hush money payments to an adult film performer. Trump alleged deliberate “prosecutorial misconduct” without providing evidence for the charge.

Here is a fact check of some of Trump’s other claims in the speech.

The election

Trump claimed that he actually won the 2020 election but it was “rigged.”

“We won in 2016. We won by much more in 2020 but it was rigged,” he said. Later he reiterated the claim, saying “It’s a rigged system. Like we had a rigged election.”

Facts First: This is one of Trump’s regular lies. He lost the 2020 election, fair and square. Democrat Joe Biden won a 306-232 victory in the Electoral College — earning over seven million more votes than Trump, good for a margin of 51.3% to 46.8%.

The trade deficit with China

Trump went on to repeat a version of a false claim that he made more than 100 times as president — that the US used to have a trade deficit with China of more than $500 billion. On Saturday he claimed that before he took office, “China was ripping us off, making $600 billion a year.”

Facts First: The US has...

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