Thursday, July 18, 2024

GCs and C-Suites See Vastly Different Legal Challenges Looming

  • Thomson Reuters recently released the 2024 edition of its State of the Corporate Law Department report.
  • It found that C-suite leaders are expecting much more transformational change in the years ahead than are GCs.
  • The report recommends that GCs recalibrate their priorities to take into account the C-suite's perspective.

A recently released study identifies a worrisome mismatch between general counsel and the rest of the C-suite on what big issues they think will be impacting legal departments most in the years to come.

Thomson Reuters’ recently released 2024 State of the Corporate Law Department highlighted the divide. It noted, for instance, that at least 20% of C-suite respondents expect transformational change in these three areas: an increasing focus on ESG issues and working with purpose (24%), the millennial generation moving into leadership roles (23%), and the emergence of AI (22%).

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