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Karla Torres: "We must take the lead in advancing women's football ... - FIFPro


Karla Torres

Venezuela international Karla Torres recently obtained a university diploma in sports management thanks to FIFPRO South America. She is currently working as a children’s coach at America de Cali in Colombia, while waiting to return from injury.

In March last year, I had an anterior cruciate ligament operation. I didn’t know whether I would be able to play again. I have a lot of joint wear and tear, which made me very doubtful about my recovery.

Facing the prospect of having to retire from football at only 30 made me think a lot. I was suffering from pain and constantly thinking to myself: what am I going to do now? That question was eventually the trigger that made me do something I wanted to do very much and had been putting off.

Studying has always been important to me. Fortunately, until I was 20 I had a coach who always encouraged us to study. I did all that stage of my training in the Universidad Central de Venezuela team. Naturally, one of the things they promoted was education.

But when I left to play abroad, when I turned professional and was selected to play for my country, it became very difficult for me to carry on studying. In fact, I abandoned my degree in international studies in the fifth semester because my dream was to be a professional footballer and I went to play in Colombia.

We think football is going to last a long time, so we say to ourselves that we’ll do it later. But actually, we tend to forget about studying – until something...

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