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Tesla whistleblower reveals thousands of vehicle-safety complaints - Driving

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A German newspaper is reporting it received leaked reports on Tesla’s auto-driving feature, containing more than 2,400 customer complaints about self-acceleration, and more than 1,500 problems with braking. As reported by a number of U.S. outlets, including The Verge and Jalopnik, the German-language newspaper Handelsblatt wrote that it received 100GB of data from an unnamed “Tesla whistleblower.”

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The documents contain complaints dating from 2015 until March 2022, and from the U.S., Europe, and Asia, concerning Tesla’s so-called Full Self-Driving (FSD) — an inaccurate name, since while it enables vehicles to travel hands-free under the right conditions, it is not fully self-driving. The reports included 139 complaints of unintentional emergency braking, and 383 reports of the vehicle stopping in response to false collision warnings. According to Handelsblatt, while some drivers got their vehicles under control, others crashed into other vehicles, hit walls, or went into a ditch.

According to the German newspaper, the files also contain instructions for employees who handle the incident reports. They were instructed that the reports were only for “internal use,” and information could only be given verbally to the customer — the report couldn’t be included in an email, text message, or described in a voicemail.

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